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  • By 2050, the 60 and older population will increase from 680 million to 2 billion—increasing from 11 to 22 percent of the world's population.

  • From 1950 to 2050, the world population will have increased by a factor of 3.6; those 60 and over will have increased by a factor of 10; and those 80 and over by a factor of 27.

  • By 2050, Europe will continue to be the world's oldest region with its elder population increasing more than five fold—from 40 million to 219 million.

  • Only 5 percent of Africa's population is projected to be 65 and older by 2050, with sub-Sararan Africa remaining the world's youngest region.

  • China and India have the largest older populations. By 2050, China will see its number of elders grow 30% from 109 million to 350 million—India, from 62 million to 240 milion.

  • Japan, with today's largest share of the world's old-age population, will see its percentage of those 60 and over rise from 27 percent to 44 percent in 2050.

  • By 2050, more than 70 countries, representing about one third of the world's population, will surpass Japan's present old-age share of 27 percent.

  • In the coming decades, all regions of the globe will experience population aging. Today's 5-22 percent range will become an 11-34 percent range in 2050 (UN, 2009)