The team at AMI often come across interesting resources. Some of these are shared through the AMI Listserve and others are listed here. Please take your time to peruse and enjoy.

Dementia Care - Research based strategies for caregivers

A multidisciplinary team from the University of Queensland developed a set of research-based strategies for caregivers. The team involved clinicians, researchers and educators in neuropsychology, psychogeriatrics, nursing, speech pathology, and communication, and sought input from experienced professional and informal caregivers. Based on the available research evidence, two sets of practical strategies were developed: MESSAGE: Communication Strategies in Dementia and RECAPS: Memory Strategies in Dementia.

Helpful Research and Community Links

Access links to community groups that offer a variety of services, support and information related to ageing.

50 Plus Registry

A registry of individuals over the age of 50 who take part in research projects related to ageing. Find out more information about the 50 Plus registry and joining the database to hear about participation opportunities.