N.A. Pachana & G.J. Byrne

2015-2020. Breakspear, M.; Martin, N.; Byrne, G.; Rose, S.; Guo, C.; Salvado, O.; Almeida, O.; Robinson, G.; Weiner, M.; Pachana, N.A. Prospective imaging study of ageing: genes, brain and behaviour (PISA). NH&MRC Dementia Round 2014, Grant APP1095227. $6.2 million over 5 years.

Validation of a financial capacity assessment method for persons with dementia. NHMRC ID 511119 [$547,250 2008-2010; Pachana, Wilson, Byrne, Tilse]

Validation of a financial capacity assessment method for persons with dementia. NHMRC ID 511119 [$547,250 2008-2010; Pachana, Wilson, Byrne, Tilse]

An efficacy study of a cognitive-communicative intervention to improve transition to residential care in dementia. NHMRC ID 511208 [$648,360 2008-2010; Chenery, Hegney, Pachana, Humphreys, Byrne, Copland, Angwin, Gallois]

Observational study of hospitalised dementia patients: protocols and outcomes. NHMRC Dementia Research Grant ID 511125 [$516,697 2008-2010; Gray, Byrne, Pachana]

Are hospitals providing quality care for people with dementia? JO & JR Wicking Trust Grant [$179,200 2008-09; Gray, Byrne, Jones, Martin-Khan, Morris, Pachana].

Enhancing transition from home to residential care in dementia. JO & JR Wicking Trust Grant [$504,000 2007- ; Chenery, H., Humphreys, M., Byrne, G., Pachana, N.A., Hegney, D., Gallois, C., Copland, D. & Angwin, A]

G.J. Byrne

A multi-centre randomised clinical trial of physical activity for the treatment of patients with mild Alzheimer's disease. NHMRC ID 572563 [$687,100; 2009-2011; Lautenschlager, Cox, Almeida, Flicker, Ames, Byrne, Hill]

Synaptic dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s Association (U.S.) ID IIRG-07-59015 [USD $280,444; (approx. AUD $424,915) 2007-2010; Byrne, Dodd, Tannenberg]

Predictors of behavioural and psychological symptoms in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. RBWH Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre Research Foundation – Estella Griffiths Bequest [$450,000 2006-2008; Byrne, Chalk, Appadurai]

N.A. Pachana

2013-2017. Turrell, G., Burton, N., Brown, W., Giles-Corti, B., Barnett, A., & Pachana, N.A. The influence of physical activity on sedentary behaviour and physical function. (NH&MRC Project Grant, Grant ID 1047453). ($1,269,867).

2010-2015. Dobson, A., Mishra, G., Brown, W., Lee, C., Pachana, N., & Byles, J. Centre of Research Excellence in Women's Health in the 21st Century (CREW21). (NH&MRC Centre for Research Excellence, Grant ID 1000986) (AU$2,190,625)

2016 – 2018. Haslam, C., Cruwys, T., Branscombe, N., Haslam, S., Steffens, N., & Pachana, N.A. Adjustment to retirement through social identity change. ARC Discovery Grant DP160102514. $500,000 over 3 years.

2016-2018. Strivens, E., LoGiudice, D., Smith, K., Helmes, E., Pachana, N.A. Russell, S & Miller, G. Prevalence of dementia in the Torres Strait and common health issues of later life in the Torres Strait. NH&MRC Project Grant DP1106175. $365,000 over 3 years.

Evaluation of a group intervention to promote older people’s adjustment to driving cessation NHMRC Project Grant ID: 455876 [$337,300 2007-2009; McKenna, K. Pachana, N.A., & Gustafsson, L. ]

Taking clinical psychology postgraduate training into the next decade: Aligning competencies to the curriculum ALTC Grant [$328,000 2009- Pachana, N.A., Sofronoff, K., O’Brien, M.]

Men, Women and Ageing: Predictors of Ageing Well in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health and the Perth Health in Men Study. NHMRC Ageing Well, Ageing Productively Program Grant [$2,162,000 2006-2011; Dobson, A., Jamrozik, K., Norman, P., Almeida, O., Flicker, L., Brown, W., Pachana, N.A., & Hankey, G.]

Hazard perception and cognitive ageing in older drivers: Investigation and development. ARC Linkage Project ID LP0668078 [$324,078 2006- ; Anstey, K., Horswill, M., Wood, J.M. & Pachana, N.A.]

Ageing Well Research Network NHMRC/ARC Network Grant Project ID: SR0354689 [$2.5 million 2004-2009 Network Convenor: Professor Hal Kendig]

Managing anxiety resulting from workplace violence to nurses in residential aged care. UQ Firstlink Funds ($3,485).Pachana, N.A., Tuckett, A., & Hegney, D.