Click on the links below to learn more about what AMI projects and events you can become involved in as a researcher.

Ageing Research Events

Upcoming and past conferences, workshops, symposiums, seminars and lectures on topics related to ageing.

Clinical Tools & Resources

Clinical tools and resources that have been developed or are being used by members of the AMI network or on affiliated research projects.

Research Projects

Information on a variety of research projects related to ageing that are currently being conducted by members of the AMI Network.

Scholarships & Employment

Upcoming scholarship opportunities and positions available to researchers interested in ageing related research and employment.

50 Plus Registry

A registry of individuals over the age of 50 who take part in research projects. Find out more information about the 50 Plus registry and how you can access participants in this database for your own research.

Helpful Links

Access helpful links for scientific societies, ageing journals and community groups.