Subject: YouTube videos on communication and memory strategies for carers of people with dementia

A multidisciplinary team of researchers from The University of Queensland has developed a set of educational videos on communication and memory strategies for professional and home carers of people with dementia. The MESSAGE Communication Strategies in Dementia and the RECAPS Memory Strategies in Dementia videos can be accessed in full and free of charge at

The MESSAGE videos present a set of real-life strategies designed to help carers support the communication abilities of people with dementia. There are two versions of MESSAGE: one that exemplifies the strategies for care staff working with people with dementia, and one that demonstrates the strategies for carers at home.

The RECAPS training for carers exemplifies a set of practical strategies that are designed to support memory, and help people with dementia to stay involved in everyday tasks for as long as possible. There are also two versions of RECAPS: one for care staff and one for carers at home.

Both versions of MESSAGE and RECAPS are available via the YouTube Channel link above, and have been uploaded both with and without subtitles. Please feel free to send this link to any of your colleagues, students, clients or other contacts who may be interested.