Advanced Trainees in Geriatric Psychiatry

Brendan Hughes

Judith Martin

Megan Nitz

Post-Doctoral Fellows (completed)

Dr Rudi Tannenberg – Brain biochemistry [from UQ School of Molecular & Microbial Sciences]

Dr Tarja-Brita Robins Wahlin – Neuropsychology [from the Karolinska Institute]


Hayley Thomason – WHO Models of Successful Ageing: An international comparison

Beyon Miloyan – Correlates of late-life anxiety symptoms and cognitive decline in older women

Leander Mitchell – Wisdom in later life

Higher Degree Students

Jocelyn Chua (PsychD) – Interventions for persons with dementia and their carers of Chinese Background

Madeline Farmer (PsychD) – psychophysiological responses in mid-aged and older phobics

Damon Hines (PsychD) – Older adults and family relations

Eileen Hyo-Jung Kim (PhD) – Strategic cognitive training in older adults

Farah Idu Jion (2013 Joseph Sleight Bursary recipient) (co-supervised with Dr Paul Harnett) (PsychD) – Mindfulness in Parksinson’s patients

Raychelle Kaur Sidhu (PsychD) – Driving Support Group for Carers

Raychelle Kaur Sidhu (PsychD) – Driving Support Group for Carers

Jenifer Murphy (PhD) - Treatment Resistant Depression

Elizabeth Torbey (PsychD) – Parkinson’s Disease in Older Adults: Development of Targeted Measures

Laura Turner (PsychD) – Driving in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease

Yirui Wang (PsychD) – Physical activity, mental health and ageing

Nicole Walker (PhD) – ageism and how to combat it in service delivery settings

Michelle White (PsychD) – anxiety in mid to later life

Successful Graduates

Daniela Aurora Coelho da Silva Goncalver (PhD) - Anxiety/depression during cognitive decline

Zoe Barnett (PsychD) – An innovative postal-based intervention for caregivers of persons with dementia

Joshua Barton (MBBS/PhD) – The neurophysiology of the blind spot.

Shu Yang Chen (PsychD) - Attention and phobia in younger and older adults

Daniela Coelho Da Silva Gonçalves (PhD) – Anxiety/depression during cognitive decline.

Alex Craven (MBBS Hons., 2009) - Depression and cerebrovascular disease.

Matthew Currell (PsychD) - The California Older Adults Stroop Test (COAST): Predicting volumetric changes of fronto-executive brain regions from test scores and the effects of depression and anxiety on score interpretation

Emmaline Falconer (PsychD) – Neuropsychological aspects of hazard perception in older adults

Amanda Harris (B. Psych. Hons., 2009) - Social networks and anxiety in older women.

Crystal Higgs (PhD) - Synaptic Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease

Linda Hollis (PsychD) - Caregiver's satisfaction with hospital care for relatives with a diagnosis of dementia

Ada Lo (PhD) – Lifestyle factors, small vessel ischaemia, and cognitive decline.

Bronwyn Maassavelli (PhD) - Animal assisted therapy and persons with dementia

Sally Matheson FRANZCP (PhD) – The SSRI discontinuation syndrome in neonates (RCT).

Michale Meehan (PhD) - Strategies to improve non-technical competencies in vetinary students

Leander Mitchell (PsychD) – Use of memory training to aid transition to residential care for persons with dementiaRebecca Bates (B. Psych. Hons., 2009) – Marital status and anxiety in older women.

Christine Neville (PhD, 2009) – Dr Neville is now a Senior Lecturer at UQ and Deputy Head at the Ipswich Clinical School

Donna Pinsker (PhD, 2009) – Dr Pinsker is now a Clinical Neuropsychologist at the Prince Charles Hospital

Emma Poulsen (PsychD)- Why Women Use CAM: A comparison across two cohorts of Australian Women

Kellee Poulson (PhD) – The impact of anxiety symptoms on individuals with diabetes mellitus

Sofia Robleda Gomez (PsychD) – successful aging

Jerome Sarris (PhD) – Kava for the treatment of anxiety and depression (RCT).

Jerome Sarris (PhD, 2009) – Dr Sarris is now a NHMRS Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Melbourne

Theresa Scott (PhD) – Effects of a horticultural intervention on older adults in a nursing home setting

Robert Sheehy (MBBS Hons., 2009) - Depression and anterior cingulate gyrus volume. 2009

Natasha Squelch (PsychD) – Anxiety in older inpatient populations.

Kate Thompson (PsychD) – Neuropsychology of ageing – frontal executive function.

Catherine Travers (PhD, 2009) – Dr Travers is now a Research Fellow at the Academic Unit for Geriatric Medicine

Michelle Tyack (PsychD) – Neuropsychology of ageing.