9-9:20 Cindy Gallois: welcome and brief outline of workshop aims and goals, including outputs.

9:20-11am Session 1: (PRESENTATIONS – 25 minutes each) – setting the scene

CHAIR: Nancy Pachana

·Mo Wang - A new agenda for retirement research

·Hal Kendig – Influences of life histories, inequality and social life on retirement

·Beryl Hesketh -- Retirement transition and adjustment

11:15-12:45 Session 2: (PRESENTATIONS – 20 minutes each) – Australian data on retirement

CHAIR: Beryl Hesketh

·Peter Butterworth – The inter-relationship between mental health, work and retirement in mature-age Australians: a key to effective social, welfare and employment policies?

·Diana Warren – Impact of spousal characteristics and preferences on the timing of retirement

·Janeen Baxter & Lachlan Heybroek – Life Satisfaction Across the Retirement Transition: An Analysis Investigating Different Phases of Retirement 12:45-1:30 LUNCH

1:30-3pm Session 3: (PANEL DISCUSSION 10-15 minutes each) – Industry responses to retirement

CHAIR: Mo Wang

·Margaret Patrickson -- Continuing to work in the peripheral workforce after leaving full timeemployment

·Elizabeth Brooke – Business policy and retirement: Partnership for business, work and ageing

·Hannes Zacher – Older worker’s motivation to continue working: The role of proactive personality and job crafting

3:15-4:45pm Session 4 – (PANEL DISCUSSION 10-15 minutes each) Individual Strategies for Retirement Planning and Adjustment

CHAIR: Hannes Zacher

·Yvonne Wells and John van Holsteyn – Decision-making & retirement

·Barbara Griffin & Beryl Hesketh -- Intentions to retire, and data from 45 & up study

·Joanne Earl – Retirement planning and adjustment

4:45-5:15 Rapporteurs (Nancy Pachana & Cindy Gallois) and wrap-up discussion

FRIDAY 31st MAY 2013

8:30-10:15 Session 5 –Ways of thinking about change

CHAIR: Hal Kendig

·Tim Kastelle – Diffusion of Innovation - S curves and where that leaves retirement change

·Alex Haslam – Letting go before being let go: The causes of women's early "retirement" from leadership positions

·Cindy Gallois – Age and retirement categories: Impact of language and stereotypes

10:30-12:15pm Session 6 – (BREAK OUT DISCUSSION SESSIONS)

·Small Group 1: draft aspirational policy statements on individual, organizational and government responses to changed post-work goals

·Small Group 2: draft aspirational suggestions for improved methods for studying individual as well as group post-work choices and trajectories, including measurement and study design issues


·PANEL 1 (Tim Kastelle, Margaret Patrickson, Elizabeth Brooke, and John van Holsteyn) - How can we move business forward?

·PANEL 2 (Cindy Gallois, Beryl Hesketh, Mo Wang, Barbara Griffin and Joanne Earl) - How can we move research forward?

·PANEL 3 (Nancy Pachana, Alex Haslam, Janeen Baxter, Kerry Sargent-Cox, Kate Moore) - How can we move society forward?

·PANEL 4 (Hannes Zacher, Yvonne Wells, Peter Butterworth and Vanessa Loh) - How can we move older adults forward?

·PANEL 5 (Hal Kendig, Tim Adair, Diana Warren, Lachlan Heybroek, Meredith Tavener) - How can we move policy forward?

4:30-5pm: Overarching rapporteurs (Nancy Pachana and Cindy Gallois) summarise key points, wrap-up and next steps