International premiere of the documentary film ‘Duty Free’ 3rd October

30 Sep 2021

I am pleased to invite you to the international premiere of the documentary film ‘Duty Free’ taking place on Sunday 3 October between 15.00 and 17.00h CET. You can register for the event by clicking here:


This film tells the story of Rebecca Danigelis, a 75-year old woman who gets fired without cause from her lifelong job as a hotel housekeeper. The documentary not only gives visibility to the issue of ageism against older people in the labour market but also exposes the economic insecurity that ensues and which shapes the future of many older people worldwide.


The event will be opened by Dr Tedros and followed by a great panel with Rebecca Danigelis, her son and film Director Sian-Pierre Regis, and ILO Deputy Director-General Martha E. Newton.


This international screening will take place online and will be live captioned into all UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish). We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to join the online screening and panel debate.


This event is hosted by ILO and WHO as part of the initiative Ageism through the ages that the Global campaign to combat ageism is running from 1 October (International Day of Older Persons) to 20 November 2021 (World Children’s Day) to give focused attention to ageism as it affects different age groups.


Please help us share this event across your networks and I look forward to seeing you there!

Together we can create #AWorld4AllAges,


Dr Vânia de la Fuente-Núñez

Coordinator, Healthy Ageing for Impact in the 21st Century


Demographic Change and Healthy Ageing Unit

Department of Social Determinants of Health

Division of Healthier Populations

World Health Organization