Professor Nancy Pachana wins 2020 M.Powell Lawton Award in Clinical Geropsychology

14 May 2020

Congratulations to Professor Nancy Pachana who won the 2020 M.Powell Lawton Award in Clinical Geropsychology from the American Psychological Association's Society of Clinical Geropsychology.

This award recognises Nancy's 'considerable and sustained efforts in scholarship, publishing, and service, to promote geropsychology in general and the well-being of persons of dementia in particular.'

When the APA returns to holding conventions, Nancy will deliver the Lawton Award keynote address.

When asked to comment about receiving this prestigious award Nancy said:

"I am so thrilled to receive the M. Powell Lawton Award from the Society of Clinical Geropsychology - the professional group I have belonged to for over 25 years. It is especially meaningful coming from an organisation that has always aimed to create the best possible lives for older persons - just as Powell Lawton did in his life and work."

"This honour has underscored for me how much I owe to my mentors, who over the years have provided advice, support and who have been role models, particularly with respect to giving back to the profession, and supporting the careers of younger researchers and clinicians. I owe them all a debt of gratitude.”

The Society of Clinical Geropsychology aims to foster the mental health and wellness of older adults through science, practice, education and advocacy and to advance the field of professional geropsychology. They aim to increase scientific understanding of the mental health of older adults; to promote the development of models for the delivery of psychological services to older adults, as well as other ways of enhancing the welfare and mental health of older adults; to foster collaboration and the sharing of information among clinical geropsychologists; and to increase the quality and availability of training opportunities in clinical geropsychology.