Animals and People Together Website launches

18 Nov 2018

Animals and People Together Website Launches!

The story of animals and people working and living together is a long one. The importance of the human-animal bond has been documented throughout history and across cultures, as well as in recent research focusing on both human and animal well-being. This has been taken up in the human and animal health communities in the “One Health” movement, where the veterinary and human medicine communities share knowledge and clinical outreach between their recognised patients – both human and animal together.

Human–animal companionship can range from feeding birds in the back yard through the relationships of assistance and service animals to the humans they assist. Our connections with animals, for both functional and emotional support, promote health and positive well-being in ways similar to human–human interactions.

APT is a virtual network of individuals, groups and organisations with an interest in better understanding our increasingly complex relationships with animals, in all the ways they intersect in our lives.