What is the UQ Summer Research Scholarship Program?

The program offers scholarships to students who are enrolled in research internships over the summer vacation period. Research Internships offer students the opportunity to work with a researcher in a formal research environment so that they may experience the research process and discover what research is being undertaken in their field of interest at UQ.

Key Features

  • A weekly stipend of $300 over a 6 - 10 week period
  • Supervision by well-established researchers
  • Access to facilities and materials that may not be readily available elsewhere
  • Capacity to obtain credit (or milestone requirements) towards your undergraduate degree (sebject to degree rules and structure)


Before submitting an application, please view the available projects page and contact the supervisor to discuss the project and timeframes. Please also take the time to view the program guidelines. Once you are ready to apply, download an application form.

Current AMI Summer Scholars

Charlotte Brakenridge (B.Psyc Hons 1) - Personality and sleep in older people (2010)

Jennifer Younger (B.Psyc) - ‘Psychological factors related to Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders’ and 'Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis in Older People' (2010)

Graduated AMI Summer Scholars

Rebecca Bates (B.Psyc) - Rebecca is working on data from the longitudinal Ageing Women's Study. (2009)

Jessica Borbasi (B.Psyc) - Jessica is researching work place violence and anxiety in residential aged care staff. (2009)

Rachel Ferris (B.Psyc) - Rachel is working on data from the longitudinal Ageing Women's Study. (2009)

Julie Hennegan (B.Psyc) - Julie is researching identity issues in older drivers who have given up their license. (2009)