Australian Research Centre of Excellence on Population Ageing Research (CEPAR)

We have a 3 year Research Fellow position available in our centre focussing on healthy and productive ageing, with an emphasis on analysis of longitudinal studies.

Ed Helmes Travel Award

This annual initiative is aimed at assisting with student member attendance at a conference, held either nationally or internationally, supporting the continued professional development of our student members.

Dementia Grants Program

Alzheimer's Australia Research (AAR) has released the list of 2012 Dementia Grants available to researchers, students and the public. Please click here for a full list of available grants.

Elsie Harwood Award

This award was established to recognise the pioneer work of Dr Elsie Harwood in psychological research with older people. For full eligibility criteria, submission dates and previous winners, please click here.

Summer Research Scholarships

The UQ Summer Research Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students who are enrolled in research internships over the summer vacation period. Research internships provide students with the oppertunity to work with a researcher in a formal research environment so that they may experience the research process and discover what research is being undertaken in their field of interest at UQ. Click here to find out more information.