She’s a conversation agent (sort of like Siri) who specialises in providing and collecting information on cognitive health. Her purpose is to facilitate timely diagnosis of dementia and related conditions

We are looking for volunteers who can participate in two online focus groups to co-design and test a new chatbot, Rita (Right Insights for Timely Advice). The first focus group will be in early December 2020, and the second in March 2021.

Despite the high prevalence and impact of dementia, there are barriers to timely diagnosis. Collecting information from older adults, those living with dementia and carers would help general practitioners (GPs) determine whether further investigation is warranted. Information gathering methods need to be engaging, and not worry people unnecessarily.

We would like to develop a chatbot that provides information on healthy ageing, collects information on cognitive functioning; empowers users in their healthcare; and provides summary reports to share with a GP to discuss the right way forward for care.

To participate, you will need to:

•be 50 years or older
•have access to a mobile device
•be willing to attend an initial online focus group as well as a follow-up session, and complete related surveys and workbooks
•have unimpaired hearing and vision

In the first focus group, we will ask you what information you think would be useful to provide and collect through a chatbot and how you would like to interact with Rita. In the second, we will give you a link to download Rita to a mobile device (phone or tablet) and ask you to interact with her, and answer some  questions on your experience.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING Please call Janine Walker on 0422 993 016 or email