Balance problems in older people can be made worse by the presence of disease, such as joints wearing out. However, what we don’t clearly understand is how common diseases affecting the hips and trunk impair sideways balance. This study will look at how hip osteoarthritis affects people’s ability to respond to a sudden loss of balance in a sideways direction.


What is involved?

You would be required to come to the Gait Laboratory within the Physiotherapy Department, Princess Alexandra Hospital, for up to 2 hours. We will measure your balance, how your body segments move, and how your leg and trunk muscles work, when you are standing, stepping, walking, and in response to a sudden pull at your waist

Who can participate?

To be eligible to participate in this important research study you MUST:

•be 65 years old or over
•have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in one or both your hips

Unfortunately the study isn’t suitable if you have:

•Symptomatic ankle or knee osteoarthritis
•Low back or lower limb pain or disease that effects your daily activities
•Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or you have had a stroke
•Sensory problems (e.g. visual, inner ear disorders, peripheral neuropathy) that affect your balance or walking
•Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease

What will you receive?

We can provide complimentary day parking. Refreshments will also be provided.

Interested? Please contact Alexandra Picorelli

Tel: 0412 933 810

Email: alexandra.picorelli@uqconnect.edu.au