Do you have pain on the outside of your elbow? Is it getting worse or not improving?


We are seeking volunteers with tennis elbow to participate in a study investigating differences in sensation between people with and without tennis elbow. The information obtained will contribute to our knowledge of some of the physiological processes occurring in tendon pain, and will help us to develop more effective treatments.


What does the study involve?

Completing an online survey: We would like you to answer some simple questions about your health and elbow pain to ascertain that you do not have any medical or health related matters that exclude you from the study. This will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.


2 sessions of testing: The sessions will be 2 hours and 1 hour long and will be held at the University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus.

The sessions will involve:

  • A physical assessment to confirm that you do have tennis elbow
  • A battery of non-invasive sensory measurements: Sensory measurements test either sensation (i.e. first perception of a stimulus, such as light pressure, stroking, pin prick) or pain thresholds (i.e., the first onset of pain with a stimulus, such as pressure, heat or cold).
  • Series of questionnaires


Parking is provided as well as a $20 gift card reimbursement.


To register your interest for the study, please go to


For further information please email Viana Vuvan at