UQ health economics researchers are looking for volunteers for a study that looks at the preferences around money and time among older adults.

As economists, we know a lot about decisions and the preferences of young people, but little about those of older adults. With increasing numbers of older adults in the population, we want to know more – out of scientific curiosity, but also to make better policies.

What’s involved?

The study involves filling out a survey that asks questions about you (such as your age, gender, well-being and health). We will also ask you some questions about receiving money at different times, such as “would you prefer to receive $16 today or $20 in 6 months?”

The survey takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

What is the benefit?

To thank you for your time, two of your answers to the money questions are paid to you. The total amounts vary from about $20 to $40 – depending on the choices you make!

The main benefit of your participation is improving our understanding of how older adults make decisions

Contact us:

To receive more information and to register, please contact the Lead Researcher, Dr Jonas Fooken, by email at econpreferences@uq.edu.au or phone 3346 4544.

This study is conducted by the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health (CBEH). More information on the project and some Frequently Asked Questions can be found at https://cbeh.centre.uq.edu.au/project/economic-decisions-older-adults.