We are currently seeking participants for a study investigating how people interact with their immediate surroundings, and how these interactions may fluctuate throughout a lifetime as individuals age. The way we interact with objects in our immediate environment can inform us a lot about our personal boundaries. Some of these interactions play a critical role in our everyday lives. Our study intends to investigate these interactions with a simulated computer task. 
We are seeking participants over the age of 50 to complete tasks that orientate objects and their environment. Participants must not have a history of neurological disorders, psychiatric or cerebrovascular conditions. We are seeking participants who have good movement, and good/corrected vision, and who have good physical health and well-being. The task takes approximately 45 minutes, and you will be reimbursed with a $15 Coles Myer Gift Card for your time. 
For any more information, contact Tessa Clarkson (phone #0478 156 595; email: t.clarkson@uq.edu.au) or Harrison Paff (phone# 0406 907 611; email: h.paff@uq.edu.au