UQ researchers are conducting a study to better understand the experiences of adults with hearing difficulties and their significant others. 

We are seeking participants aged 50+ years who have experienced hearing difficulties since adulthood and do not wear hearing aids, and their significant others (e.g., partner/spouse, adult child, friend, neighbour, colleague).

Participation will include:

- A hearing test

- Questionnaires

- Interviews with a researcher

- Smartphone surveys

- Video-recording conversations with you and others

The first three activities will be completed at a time and location suited to you and your significant other (e.g., remotely via Zoom, at UQ campus, or at your home) over at least two meetings with a member of the research team.

The smartphone surveys and video-recording conversations are completed within your own time over a two week period.

You'll receive:

To thank you for your time, both you and your significant other will each receive a $50 gift voucher.

Register your interest:

For more information or to register interest, please contact Anna Francis on (07) 3443 2432 or anna.francis1@uq.edu.au

This study has been approved by The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee [Approval No. 2019001869]