What is the study all about? 

This study is part of a PhD study at the University of Queensland. The aim of this study is to perform a multiday mobility survey using a GPS data logger to capture the walking behaviourof older adults. More specifically, we aim to understand where and when older adults walk, how much they walk, how often they walk, and in particular how the characteristics of the built and natural environment influence walking behaviouramong older adults. 

Understanding where older adults walk, when they walk, and how much and how often they walk will unveil the key drivers that govern walking mobility in older adults. Walking mobility is the best guarantee of independence in older age and an active lifestyle is a known imperative to ‘ageing well’. Walking is the most common form of any physical activity and the simplest way to remain active. Further, walking can be relatively easily introduced into ones’ daily routine. The aim of this study is to understand facilitators and barriers to walking. Developing a knowledge of both the facilitators and barriers will be an important precursor to developing effective policy aimed at improving walking in an area. 

Who is carrying out the study? 

The survey is being conducted for the PhD research at the University of Queensland by PhD student AnurodhKhanal, under the supervision of PhD supervisors Prof Jonathan Corcoran and DrElin Charles-Edwards (University of Queensland, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences) and has been approved by the University of Queensland Human Ethics Committee [20170802] 

How much time will the study take? 

Your commitment would be to participate in an initial meeting (approx. 30mins), followed by participation in a mobility survey for seven days and participation in a follow up interview (approx. 30mins). At the first meeting you will complete and sign the consent form as well as the pre-GPS survey questions. In this meeting, GPS data logger will be handed to you along with and a demonstration on its use. You will then carry this GPS data logger over a seven day period with you every time you travel outside. At the end of the seventh day, research staff will contact you in order to arrange a time and location to collect the GPS data logger. During this meeting, a final follow-up meeting will be scheduled (approximately 1 week later) to discuss your mobility pattern across the 7 day survey period. 

CanI withdraw from the study? 

Participation is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time and your data will be withdrawn. Completion of the GPS survey and participation in post interview indicates your consent to participate in the study. Your data is important as we need a diverse group of respondents. We value your thoughts and ideas as they will provide important insights to the results of the project. 

Will the information I provide be kept confidential? 

Collected data from the survey and interview will be transcribed, encoded and analysed. All aspects of the study, including results, will be strictly confidential and only the researchers will have access to information on participants. 


If you are interested in participating, please contact AnurodhKhanal, email: a.khanal@uq.edu.auor phone: 0404161352 to register your interest.