This research project is concerned with understanding more about the nature and impact of age-related cognitive changes. Specifically, whether the Novel-Image Novel-Location Task- Bond Revised (NINL-RB) can be utilised as an online early detection measure of cognitive change. The success of this research is vitally dependent upon the assistance of volunteers like yourself who can contribute to the emerging research in the field of early detection of age-related changes in cognition. Your participation in this study will be beneficial as the findings will help us learn more about how cognitive changes with age and potential early detection methods.

What’s involved:

  • completing some biographical information
  • completing the computer-administered NINL-RB that will include: viewing and commenting on the presentation of everyday images and the presentation of some inverted human faces.

Duration: approximately 15-20 minutes maximum

This study has been approved by the Bond University Human Research Ethics Committee, and all data provided will be anonymous. You are free to withdraw from the experiment at any time without prejudice.

If you are 21 years or older and interested to participate in this study, please use the link below:

 As this instrument is in the process of development, information provided to us will not indicate diagnostic information.

For any queries or concerns please contact Soha Golshani on or Dr. Mark Bahr on

Your participation would greatly assist me with my Masters Research Project but it will also help shed light on cognitive age-related changes