We are seeking volunteers to participate in a study investigating the experience and impact of receiving paid support services in the home, for example help with cleaning, laundry meal preparation and personal care activities such as showering.  

What is the purpose of this study?

Home support services are commonly provided in the community for older adults by non-government organisations and provide support for personal care (bathing and dressing), domestic assistance (cleaning and laundry), social support and other activities at home such as meal preparation. Currently, there is little understanding of these support services from the perspective of the people receiving the support or how these services affect home life.  This study aims to understand how home support services impact the people who use them. 

What does the study involve?

Completing an interview in your own home with a member of the research team for approximately 1 hour. Participation may also involve the completion of a questionnaire about different aspects of your home.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary.

If you are interested in participating please contact Dr Tammy Aplin, email: t.aplin1@uq.edu.au or phone:  07 3365 2649 to register your interest.