Brief Abstract

The Geneva Social Cognition Scale (GeSoCS) is being developed to evaluate social cognition in brain- injured patients in the future. It is a scale composed of 6 short subtests chosen from a number of existing tests of social and cognitive evaluation. The aim of this research is to develop a brief bedside tool for clinical psychologists working in hospital settings, to help them detect when person fails to understand social conventions or when their understanding of social behaviour is impaired.

Detailed Description:

Our Social Cognition Scale is for use in clinical assessments. It consists of the following six subtests: (i) social cognition stories that are short stories describing events that may or may not be socially inappropriate; (ii) a facial emotion recognition task; (iii) comic strips illustrating what false beliefs; (iv) short stories in which logical conclusions must be drawn; (v) short descriptions of situations that do not require understanding of any social situation; and (vi) a game of logic.

The total test duration will last about 45 minutes. Prior to commencement, participants will be given an information sheet about the study, which also includes a consent form at the end to make sure the participants are willing to continue. This will be followed of a questionnaire asking demographic information including gender, age, and whether they have any psychiatric or neurological deficits. A short test (MMSE – mini mental state examination) will be conducted prior to the GeSoCS. During the experiment, participants will be asked questions and shown images depicting specific situations that mostly involve interactions with others in social settings.

The procedure is painless and non-invasive. The supervisor or examiner can be contacted at any time during the experimental procedure should the necessity arise.

This participation provides a great chance to see what type of tests are used in clinical settings and is also an opportunity to gain some insight into the recent field of investigation termed “social cognition”.

Eligibility Requirements: aged above 50 years.

Remuneration: $20 Coles/Myer Voucher

Duration: 45 minutes