A diagram of how The Queensland Dementia Research Network fits into the AMI Network can be viewed here.

The Queensland Dementia Research Network (QDRN) is a collaborative network of clinicians, scientists and advocacy organisations committed to research into all aspects of dementia.

Its membership is diverse and includes researchers from Queensland Health, The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, University of Southern Queensland, James Cook University and Blue Care, along with advocacy groups such as Alzheimer’s Australia and Parkinson’s Queensland. Members include doctors, nurses, scientists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and neuropsychologists.

Dementia covers a broad range of neurodegenerative disorders affecting both cognition and other aspects of brain functioning. Major disorders include Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Parkinson’s disease with dementia, and Fronto-Temporal dementia. The Australian Government has declared dementia to be a national health care priority. It is estimated that approximately 200,000 Australians have dementia and this number is set to increase with the ageing of the population. The QDRN aims to facilitate research across the spectrum of disorders leading to dementia and has a particular interest in improving treatment outcomes and delaying institutionalisation. Members of the network have research interests that range from cellular mechanisms of disease through to care provision at the coalface.

The Queensland Dementia Research Network works collaboratively with AMI on a number of projects. If you would like to join the network or require further information, please contact Liz Arnold on 3365 5147 or